She listens to my storys

Don't never ever get mad

Takes care about my money

Spend the whole day in my bed

Her smile is so amazing

Air's filled with love round her

And she's got a nice boyfriend

What a man oh what a man



'Cause I found the one

I wrote this song for

She's my whole world and she belongs to me

Our life we'll be, every day a new dream

Together is better

The best for you and me



She's wonderful and funny

I'm lucky she don't know

'Cause I'm sure she would try to walk away

Although I love her so

Her voice is so beautiful

Although she never tries to sing

She's my girl, my world, oh my queen



When we first met it was just a game

We played it together 'till the feelings came

The geografic distance

Was farer than the way to your heart