Have you seen the rain

Fallin on the floor

We knew it all before

But the clouds seemed so far away


Have you seen the snow

Melting away 'till dawn

When you wake up it's all gone

Like it was never there before



To be or not to be



Try to run, try to jump

Try to keep my money

But all I do is just sitting there honey

Right now


Wanna see the moon from the other side

Explore the world, get up but I die

Right now, right now



Have you seen wind

Breaking every tree

They're as alone as they can be

But you'll never see them leavin'


Of course you've seen the sun

Even if you close your eyes

You're blended by the light

From a million thousand miles



For me means not for free



Every day will turn into today tomorrow

And every day I know I keep on dreaming

If I don't find a way to kill my sorrows

I'll never gonna leave