Good morning show on radio

On the way back home

When I realized there's something more I've never seen before

People changed they lost their leaves

To believe in daydreams

In a land that has no sand and sea

But here's is where I wanna be



Where the best things in life don't have a price

Welcome back in the paradise



I got that summer feelin'

Cause summer is a big party

We got to celebrate it And we'll all feel free

Comon girl



Sun says hi right in my mind

I so damn missed you

And I am wondering how I made It trough the cold black shade

A new age starts, you just can't stop

I'm a yesterday lookalike

But there is no fame in walk of shame

If you don't feel like a hurricane



There's nothing you can optimize

Cause It's all yours in paradise



When the sun goes down my dreams will

Stay and be always there for me

They make me what I wanna be

My own stars shinging right for me