Eat it all

I don't watch my weight


Yeah, lollipopcorn

Today I need on top a happy meal


Just one more

Of 'em brownies and cakes

Feed me

Top models are fakes

I am what I am love me or leave



A woman told me on a tv show

That I'll lose my weight if I just follow

All her steps from one to three

And buy by the way her new dvd


But do I look dumb, I don't wanna try

And I don't wanna work out all the time

I know who I am and I know what I do

And I don't change until I want to



Hear what they say, follow what they do

And read their manuals en vogue and CQ

But give a shit on dreams cause they're made of hope

At least your best friends name is holy ghost



You don't need fruits to grow

Maybe they told you, maybe they told you so

Don't trust them all



I just wanna be free until I die

At that point I'll say I enjoyed my life